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Fleet Advisory Board

Postmates has launched the Fleet Advisory Board (or “FAB”) to elevate the voices of our Fleet to Postmates leadership. The FAB provides a megaphone to amplify your firsthand experiences and informs the decisions, products, and policies we release, pushing us always to improve the Postmates Fleet experience.


Being a FAB member, I have the chance to shape the future of our services in a way that’s designed for people, like me, who stitch together different jobs to advance our personal aspirations. Understanding the work habits of Postmates, whether they're part time or full time, is going to be vital in guiding the future of work of the gig economy & the FAB affords me the exciting opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking community that is dedicated to growing our business in ways that best fit the needs of today's gig worker


Health care, long-term savings plans, and other worker protections like accident insurance are important to me. But as a mother, a veteran, and an actress that needs to head to an audition at the drop of a script — I also need to maintain around the clock flexibility. I’m thrilled to be at the table with company executives and lawmakers to see if we can establish a new deal that grants me both. We can build something truly exciting for all gig workers.


As a father and student, it's important to me to be able maintain my flexibility to meet the needs of my family and education. That's why I joined Postmates in the first place. But it's not always easy. Which is why I'm excited to be a part of the FAB community and represent the voice of Postmates like me and create a future that works for all of us.


I joined the FAB team to help strengthen the relationship and bridge of communication between couriers and the Postmates office. I'm extremely excited to continue to serve as a FAB member and help improve the Postmates experience.

Join the Postmates Fleet and start earning.

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